SANIT AGRICULTURES LIMITED is a branch of Sunny Agriculture private Company registered in Thailand in 2017. We specialize in the manufacturing and selling of agricultural implements and tractors in Asian countries. With 20 branches and 6 sugarcane factories across Asia, we are now expanding our operations to Tanzania and other African countries.

green and white tractor on green grass field during daytime
green and white tractor on green grass field during daytime

Our principles

We prioritize the production of high-quality agricultural implements and tractors that are built to last, ensuring long-term value for our customers.

Partnership and Collaboration

Affordability and Accessibility

Quality and Durability

We strive to make our agricultural implements and tractors affordable and easily accessible to farmers in Tanzania and other African countries, enabling them to enhance their productivity.

We believe in fostering strong partnerships and collaborations with farmers, suppliers, and stakeholders to collectively drive agricultural development and innovation.

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